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Testimonal - HCM clear

Thank you to Tara for giving her permission to publish this email:


Subject: HCM scan


Hi Jocene 

 Bit out of the blue but thought we would send you an email to let you know what we have been up to. Recently our girl Clementine had an echocardiogram as part of a group scanning effort with some breeder/owners down here in Sydney with Dr Niek Beijerink from the vet teaching hospital at USYD. Great news - she is in perfect heart health and we will continue this as we are able over the years. No murmurs or thickening of the heart walls. We’ll always be thankful to you for our ratbag.

Tara, Lachie and Tiny (clementine)

Clementine went to Sydney


Hi Jocene

Hope this finds you well. Just wanted to give you an update on our sweet girl who is now weighing in at a hefty 4.5kg and is beautiful as ever. She’s grown a bit of winter fluff to beat the cold down here in Sydney and she has so much personality - she has won over so many naysayers with her charm.

Warm regards

Tara and Lachie

Please be careful of Sphynx scams

I was saddened to receive another email today  from an unfortunate couple who had sent $500 for a Sphynx kitten, and lost their money. When purchasing a kitten, make sure you have proof that the breeder and the kitten really exist. I always talk to the buyers in person -mainly to make sure it will be the right home for the kitten. I would not mind if buyers asked for the name of my vet so they could ring and check that I am a legitimate breeder. I am also a cat show judge, so I invite new contacts to check the FCCQ show schedules to see that I am listed there and that I really exist.

Sphynx cats are sold for $1800 - $2500. If you see one advertised for a few hundred, please do your homework. Most scammers seem to advertise kittens for $500-$600.

No legitimate breeder will be insulted if you check and ask questions. Somtimes people ring just to ask if I know of a certain cattery. That's OK too - Allura Sphynx, Magestic Sphynx, Manis or Starsphynx are all owned by reliable breeders whom I have come to know from years of cat showing.